Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Back in Action

By Mike Gillis

It's been some time since we've posted -- nearly four months to the day -- and we thought it was time to get the ball rolling again. We can't promise daily dispatches at this point, but do hope to start posting again with more regularity soon.

And we haven't been idle. Roundtable has been hard at work on a few projects.

Look for two new films this summer from Roundtable. The first, a short, "Elevation," is a project we're very excited about. That film is in rehearsal and preproduction now and moves behind the camera next month. We'll post more about "Elevation" soon.

Also coming this summer is "Home Away from Home: The Makem and Spains Brothers Live in Butte, Montana," a concert film that chronicles the Makem and Spain Brothers' efforts to preserve a music tradition that seems to be disappearing by the day, as well as showcasing a spectacular live show. The film is in the throes of postproduction now and should be completed by August. Look for more information on that project here soon, as well.

We also hope to hop back in the saddle with reviews and commentary, if not frequently, at least occasionally. And we're always looking for contributions from you. Have something to say that seems right for these pages? Pass it along and we'll do our best to give you some space.

Thanks again for your patience and interest in Roundtable Pictures.