Saturday, July 18, 2009

Norman Corwin on the Passing of Walter Cronkite

Posted by Lars Trodson

We are pleased to pass along a comment about Walter Cronkite by his colleague and contemporary at CBS, Norman Corwin.

Mr. Corwin, 99, shared with Cronkite a passion for reporting, for world travel, for integrity, and for clarity of language. Norman is one of the great American writers and I have always thought that our best journalists were also the best ambassadors our country could ever have. Cronkite and Corwin filled that role with great honor.

I emailed Norman today (we've been great friends for many years), seeking a quote for a longer piece I'll post soon, and he was kind enough to send along this reply. I thought, given Norman's stature, that it shouldn't be lost in what we have to say about Cronkite, so we posted Norman's quote as soon as we could.

"Walter Cronkite was one of two towering journalists in the world. The other was Ed Murrow, who first hired Cronkite. I was privileged to know, be a friend of both, and work with them.

"Their like in a lifetime is very doubtful."