Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Roundtable Roundup: Catch A Frisbee, Coming To A Theater Near You?

A Look At What's Making News Today

Hula Hoop Dreams and Frisbee: Extreme Makeover

When the superhero well finally runs dry for Hollywood, why not a movie starring... Frisbee?

The Hollywood Reporter reveals a deal has been inked between the talent agency ICM and Wham-O to package the toy company's line-up in movies, TV and online. Wham-O's toys include Frisbee, the Super Ball, Hula Hoops and the Hacky Sack, to name a few. while I'm sure there's a market for "The Adventures of Frisbee" or "Super Balls Conquer the World," it may simply be another brand of feature-length product placement. If G.I.Joe can get his own movie, why not the Hula Hoop?

ICM has already helped steer Atari products to the big screen, including "Asteroids" and "Missile Command."

Chatting Up "The Endless Summer"

Film Threat has posted an interview with Bruce Brown, the director of the classic surf film, "The Endless Summer." Brown spends quite a bit of time talking about the lengthy process of shooting, editing and eventually distributing the film before its trajectory to classic status.

Roundtable Pictures' Lars Trodson wrote an appreciation of the film, which you can read here or as a featured post on Flixster here.

-- Mike Gillis