Friday, September 2, 2011

The Word Is Out! Eagles Fly Alone Is The Book People Can’t Put Down!

Here are a few unsolicited and unedited reader comments:

“Dear Lars, I loved your book! I started it on Sunday morning and didn’t put it down until I finished it on Sunday night. I haven’t enjoyed the luxury of reading all day since college (and then it wasn’t a luxury!).Langley’s character just keeps getting more and more complex as his relationships with other characters reveal who he is and his outlook on life. I enjoyed the twisting storyline as the plot thickened. I have thought about Langley many times since I finished the book. That is true testament to the vitality of a good read.So where is Fenton? Really?I am looking froward to the next Langley Calhoun Mystery!” – Marsha Brown, Hampton, NH

“I finished the book last night. I have to tell you I really enjoyed it immensely! You know, it really reminds me a lot of the Alexander McCall Smith books, The Ladies’ Detective Agency series. Those are very much chick-lit, but I ADORE the books… the mysteries and investigations are very secondary to the brilliant characters in the books. If you haven’t read any of them, I recommend you read at least the first so you get an idea of what I mean. They are very short books, but I savor every page. I love the feel of the town you’ve created, the tension between the brothers, between the selectmen and various townspeople, and I loved Antonio. Will the next book pick up where the first left off? I mean, have we seen the last of Antonio? I thought [Bill] Plano was a great villain and I also loved Maria Tull. What an ass! I can really picture these corrupt characters in a small town… big town also!” – Debbie Tillar, New Castle, NH

“I enjoyed Mr. Trodson’s new novel, Eagles Fly Alone, immensely. I found it to be a good mystery story, with interesting characters, especially the main character, Langley Calhoun. I also thought the book was an easy read. In fact, I read it in one sitting, finding that once I got into the story I could not put it down. I am really looking forward to meeting up with Langley Calhoun in his next adventure.” - Fred Dolman, Portsmouth, NH

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