Sunday, November 26, 2017

The Christmas Traveller

An original short story for the Christmas season. 

By Lars Trodson

Maureen Dowd says...”

Santa knew he was talking to the air. He looked over at Mrs. Claus, who was napping. He sat bathed in the cool, sterile glow of his computer screen. He cleared his throat.

I said —“

I heard you, dear,” Mrs. Claus looked up, blinking.

Maureen Dowd says —“

Ach, not again —“

“— says... I, me, am... losing... my... grip.”

You're grip on what, papa?”

Santa pointed triumphantly at his computer screen, as though that gesture would explain exactly what he meant.

People's imaginations. The imaginations of children. It seems as though I am fading into footnote.” 

"Oh, stop, please, darling. It's nonsense."

But it's Maureen.”

Oh, well, Maureen. She always was one of your favorites.”