Monday, February 2, 2009

SUPER BOWL XLIII: Bodies Mangled, Punches Thrown. Welcome To The Ads!

By Lars Trodson

When inspiration fails, forget about the punch line, just go for the punch. That seemed to be the message all throughout Super Bowl XLIII -- but not on the field. No, the real violence, and by far the most distasteful, was in the ads shown throughout the night. The game was just good old-fashioned football, the ads were just old-fashioned disasters.

How about the first Bud Light ad when the guy was thrown out of the top floor of the building? Hilarious! How about the little furry animal getting punched in that resume builder ad? Ha! How about that fella getting hit by a bus? Woo! Too much! The endless stream of kicks, hits and punches made the Three Stooges look like Jacques Tati.

There isn't anything wrong with this kind of slapstick, of course, but it seemed as though the creative well had run dry. By the end of the night, I was even tired of the clydesdales.

Best trick of the night? Miller's one second ads.

Better luck next year, folks.

Here's a rundown of which ads the Huffington Post thought the best: