Monday, February 3, 2014

Bob Dylan, Chrysler And The Value Of Your Art

To everybody pissing and moaning about Bob Dylan's Chrysler ad: if you like an artist, respect his right to make money. It's the only way he or she is going to be able to create their art. The idea that Dylan or any other artist for that matter is so pure as to not be "commercial" is absurd, and utterly impractical, and Dylan can certainly do whatever he wants. By saying that Dylan shouldn't be doing TV spots is saying to every artist that their art is somehow above commerce, that they are doing something that does not create a thing of value. This attitude continues to feed the idea that works of art are there to be appreciated just for existing rather than for something for you to buy. It's why too many artists have their hats in their hands. Dylan is talking about craftsmanship in that ad, he's talking about creating something of real worth, and that should apply to a car as well as a painting or a song, and if you don't support that then you're contributing to an atmosphere that makes it so difficult for people to pursue their dreams. — Lars Trodson