Monday, January 12, 2009

Cinema Goulash Is Delicious

We here at Roundtable Pictures have a new affiliate -- ha ha ha -- in the blog written by Matthew Newton, one of the gurus that keeps the NH Film Office up and running. Matthew has kindly linked Roundtable Pictures on his site, and we are more than happy to return the favor by linking his site, Cinema Goulash.

Cinema Goulash ( is a great looking site, with an interesting hook, and some keen insights into film. I particularly liked his essay on Woody Allen's "September." I, too, have an affinity for these odd, quiet little movies that dot Woody's filmography.

At any rate, please welcome, as we do, Matt and his digital gumbo, and if you'd like to link to us give us a shout.

All the best,

The Roundtable Team

P.S. -- Oh, and we've got some interesting news coming up, and are also gearing up to post a great little film, "A Bootful of Fish", we made in 2006. Stay tuned.