Saturday, July 25, 2009

Part 2: “Meteor: Path to Destruction”

For those who did not watch Part 2 of "Meteor: Path to Destruction" I can distill the experience down to a few lines of dialogue.

Some of my favorites:

“Can I borrow your car?” asks scientist Imogene O’Neill (Marla Sokoloff) to an old lady.

“I’m sorry. I gave it to charity last year,” says the old lady who lives out in the middle of the desert. “Could you use a gun?”


“It occurs to me we’re not the only ones with missiles.” -- Gen. Brasser (Ernie Hudson), who is in charge of saving the Earth and wants to ask the Russians and Chinese for their arsenal.


“They have to save their people - blah blah blah!” -- Gen. Brasser after being told by the Russians that they won’t give up their missiles.


“The meteor just hit the power station.” -- Unnamed military scientist.

“Dammit!” Gen. Brasser again.


“I have a granddaughter and when she grows up I want her to be just like you.” -- said by dying border patrol officer to Imogene O’Neill moments after he arrested her.


“Sir, the woman’s a genius,” said by a military scientist about Imogene O’Neill. (Miss O’Neill, it should be pointed out, could not find either a decent ride or a working telephone for almost the entire four hours of the movie.)


And finally, my personal favorite:

Bad cop Calvin Stark (Michael Rooker) turns to one of his many hostages and says: “Have you ever tried walking without kneecaps, baby?”


-- Lars Trodson